What you need…

The services are intended for:

. both local and foreign investors, guardians of real estate funds and developers not disposing of local team knowledgeable about project management, proceeding controlling and providing either existing or potential projects monitoring
. the investors with business objectives seeking the investment options
. the companies with purpose to obtain bank financing, proceed evaluation of the current cash flow projections and refinancing
. the emerging companies seeking for the investors and the equity partners
. the financial institutions concerning with detailed analysis, examination, credentials or expert opinions
. the individual prospective clients with the investment objectives (housing units, polyfunctional housing development, logistical and in-store areas, shopping malls)

Projection and ingineering activities:

. optimizing urban land-use allocation
. conducting the Architectural study
. carrying out projection documentation of urban planning, realization documentation, obtaining a building permit
. submission of land-use decisions
. conducting approval process

One-click processes we offer:

. negotiation of Art/work licence agreement with the overall supplier
. realization of the construction
. providing the authorized building supervision
. monitoring the activities and proceeding the report for the fund bank or the partner
. putting the building into operation, intense participation in trial run and providing personnel training program
. post-approval service, procedure of guarantee issuing, warranty


. long-term experience of the local real estate industry, possession of extensive intimate local knowledge of the rivals and all the particularities of the market, expertise and resources, specializing in IT and financial market
. tailored solutions to the specific clients‘ needs in an effort to go up in value (capability to offer relevant solutions or support in the particular matters)
. close contacts with the affluent investors, developers and bank institutions, in-depth experience with the funds
. long-term practice in the investment and development projects
. valuable portfolio and solid professional background in the field