What we will…

Our service includes conducting residential-based projects (housing units), projection of the underground services in all stages of the projection:

. act in law study/project
. building permit project
. realization project (possibly, alteration to the construction before realization)
. execution facts project

We contract with experts to deliver the high quality services ranging from „one-click“ project or any middle-stage project up to realization with general contractor control management.


All about projects

All our projects are conducted in accordance with the latest building operation norms effective in Slovak republic. We also provide supports of LEED or BREEM project certification.


What the project includes?

The final projection documentation includes four copies of the architectonic – building stage. Each consists of the areas: architectonic and static solution, plumbing system and sewerage system, gas installation, central heating system and electrical installation including all necessary revisory reports.


Project alterations

In order to tailor the project to the individual clients´ needs or make the project complied with the building site conditions any relevant alterations could be made. In that case VBD Invest is responsible for issuing written agreement and guaranteeing the compliance with the approved record. Then the authorized architect will provide amendment of projection documentation, all in accord with the regulations of the institutions in charge.

The approval of the originality

What we guarantee:
VBD Invest guarantees continuous process of realization of the project, provides warranty, procedure of guarantee issuing, expertise, accuracy and correct amendment of the documentation of architectonic and building projects in accord with the internationally approved standard ISO 9001, supports and services including post-approval services and the company also issues obligatory elements determined by the effective legislative norms.