What we do…

The VBD Invest Company was established in 2010. The purpose of the company is to drive clients towards relevant real-estate business results and oversight financial cash flow process in between particular projection stages. We provide the complete estate management and constitute real estate sales force. We treat building development as a profession. Our professional qualification background guarantees the adequate quality and direct focus on clients´ needs. The management of the company consists of the team of the skilled experts that offer valuable support, the excellent investment know-how, public relations experience, building development knowledge and projection financial consulting.

The management:

. Ing. Peter Schmidt, MSc. – CEO & CFO

The management consultant team – a team of the independent project managers:

. Ing. Jozef Šoltés – IT project support
. bora architekti s.r.o. – main architect

The main objective of the company is to seek and assess potential investment options on the estate market. The company proceeds the complete investment process and realization of the particular projects. Besides the development projects, the services also include providing mediation activities, serving both local and foreign clients.