What we did…

. IBV Dunajská Lužná – projection, engineering and realization of ten parcels of the land
. conducting feasibility & business cases for the local and foreign estate investors with prospect for investing in Slovakia
. acquisition and engineering of IBV Vinohrady Rača (Bratislava III) – projection of infrastructure of five parcels of the land, providing land-use decision and a construction permit
. processing of the leases agreement refers to NLA 9 500 square meters of retail shopping mall area in Košice SR
. acquisition process and pre-projection stage management, construction of the photovoltaic power station in Veľký Krtíš – business plan and feasibility study, processing external-fund partnership
. financial analysis, cash flow management and financing the construction of two largest mix-used shopping-office-residential & hotel construction in SR
. projection, engineering and realization development activity: www.vlastny-dom.sk

Our partners:

. Collier, CBRE, C&W
. fund banks: Tatra banka, Všeobecná úverová banka, Slovenská sporiteľna, Československá obchodná banka and other foreign financial institutions
. Gleeds, ENG2, Gardiner & Theobald
. architectonic offices
. E-dome s.r.o.


On-going projects

. projection of housing units in Čierna Voda, Chorvátsky Grob
. infrastructure of Rača Bratislava (Vinohrady)
. infrastructure in Jelka (holiday resort)
. infrastructure and construction of housing units in Tomášovo (IBV)
. acquisition and reconstruction of the logistical and in-store area, Trnava
. infrastructure for IBV, construction of housing units, polyfunctional units and housing development, Chorvátsky Grob
. ad-hoc business objectives and feasibility studies for new development green field projects